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Wedding Gifts

The cream heart mirror was made as a wedding gift to the bride and groomand included some personal pieces from a group of friends of the bride. I built the colours around the pieces sent to me, shells, stones, a badge, so the colours are shell like in creams, very pale lilac/pink/green/purple with clusters of shells, buttons and vintage bone china. There are some more hearts for your perusal in the mirror section.

The red clock was made as a special gift to celebrate a ruby wedding, I used a deep ruby red tesserae with a vintage feel. The piece includes buttons, old china and vitreous glass.

I am happy to quote for gifts for

special occasions.

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“I was very lucky to receive the gorgeous heart-shaped mirror featured in Carolyn’s pictures which was commissioned as a Wedding Present. It’s is just beautiful and there are so many little elements from items that my girlfriends gave Carolyn to incorporate – some witty, some quirky, some pretty, all special and personal. Every time I look at it I see something else I haven’t seen before. It is one of our favourite presents and is hanging in our hall and used every day”. Clare Jackson