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Mosaic Dragon ‘GoGoMosaic’

Commissioned by Break Charity.

Sponsors: Leathes Prior Solicitors, Tombland, Norwich.

This dragon was decorated using mosaic for the GoGoDragons Norwich 2015 Trail - run from

21st June - 5th September.

He was situated in Tombland near the Sponsors.

The decoration was inspired by a winning design through a competition run by Leathes Prior Solicitors and adapted by Carolyn.


Mirrors, broken crockery, glass pebbles, broken tiles, buttons, coloured mirror and glass are among the vast range of tesserae used for the decoration.

Each piece cut to size, applied and then grouted and polished - he took 250 hours to decorate.

The Auction was held at ‘The Forum’ in Norwich on 1st October 2015. GoGoMosaic sold for £25,000, which I am really proud of

and all of the proceeds from the sale went to Break Charity.

There were a total of 84 Dragons from the trail auctioned.

GoGoMosaic shining away in Tombland, Norwich.


The Making of GoGoMosaic

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