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Emperor Dragonfly Sculpture SOLD

Mosaic on Marine ply wood approximately 120 x 100cm

This piece is suitable for inside or outside, it is waterproofed with grout and has layers of yacht varnish to protect it. This dragonfly was made for Kings Lynn Art Centre to be included on their sculpture trail in Sandringham woods. I am so inspired by these ancient creatures with their distinctive movements and display of pattern and form.

Although the symbolism of a dragonfly is of instability and fragility, they have lived on earth since the dinosaurs and although endangered now, have seemingly survived the turbulence of time. They are also native to this country and seen in Norfolk. The singular pieces of my medium (glass mirror) can seem delicate and fragile like the dragonfly, once they are collected, arranged and permanently cemented they can become a powerful structure, collectively strong. I will find it very difficult to part with this piece, it is for sale. I am looking forward to making a 'Damselfly' soon which I am currently researching.

If you would like to commission me to make an Emperor Dragonfly in any size, please contact me

on Stormymoon63@gmail.com

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